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Играет: iTunes Stoped

You deactivated your account.
Account restoration is currently unavailable. Here is the message you agreed to before deactivating your account:
This action is permanent.
Before you deactivate your account, know this:
This action is permanent: account restoration is currently disabled.
You do not need to deactivate your account to change your username. (You can change it on the settings page. All @replies and followers will remain unchanged.)
Your account may be viewable on twitter.com for a few days after deactivation.
We have no control over content indexed by search engines like Google.
If you're creating a new account and want to use the same user name, phone number and/or email address associated with this account, you must first change them on this account before you deactivate it. If you don't, the information will be tied to this account and unavailable for use.
Information from your deactivated account (username and email address) will be unavailable to use on a new account.

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